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Student Leaders



Do you want to be a deacon? For over 40 years at Christus Rex, students have answered โ€œYesโ€! to this question.

Christus Rex has been gifted by creative student leadership for many years. Deacon Ministry is one important way to become a leader within this community.

  • Deacons gather each Wednesday evening for community building, service, and prayer.
  • Deacons offer primary worship leadership at Christus Rex each week.
  • Deacons offer leadership using their particular skills & gifts.

Are you interested in being a student leader at Christus Rex? You might be called to be a leader in this place. Your gifts might well find expression through deacon ministry and the Rex. Ask a current deacon about the program.

Want to be a deacon in the ELCA? Talk to Shera about her call to Word and Service Ministry in the ELCA as a Deacon (and now Campus Minister at Christus Rex!). Confused yet? Great - let's chat.ย ๐Ÿ™‚