"Rooted in baptismal waters, Christus Rex is a
cross-centered community named by a servant King."


Do You Want to be a Deacon?

For over 40 years at Christus Rex, students have answered "Yes"! to this question. They have convenanted together to regularly study scripture, the Lutheran Confessions, and explore more deeply the liturgical life of the community. At Christus Rex, the focus of the Deacon Ministry is worship and service leadership.

Christus Rex has been gifted by creative student leadership for many years. Deacon Ministry is one important way to become a leader within this community. Deacons gather each Tuesday evening for community building, service, and prayer. The deacons offer primary worship leadership at Christus Rex each week. Your gifts might well find expression through deacon ministry and the Rex. Ask a current deacon about the program.

Lutheran Campus Ministry • 3012 University Ave • Grand Forks, ND 58203 • 701-775-5581 • und.christusrex@und.com

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