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For Church Leaders

Support Your Students!

Watch this video: Three New Reasons To Connect with Lutheran Campus Ministry

Refer your student to any LCM across the USA by filling out this form.

PRAY! Pray for your students & their families.

FIELD TRIP!  Bring your confirmation groups to Christus Rex! Introduce them (EARLY) to Campus Ministry. We often work with churches to host events with confirmation and high school students. You are also always welcome to bring a group to worship with us on Sunday morning at 10:30am!

Support Campus Ministry

INVITE us to visit YOU! We'd love to come tell your congregation about the energy young adults have for the future of the church. Let's do a Campus Ministry Sunday or find other fun ways to partner!

PRAY! Pray for Christus Rex and for God's continued work in and through this unique place of hope on the campus of UND.

BUDGET. The "b" word can be a GOOD word! Let's be partners in this effort to walk with young adults on their faith journey. Support us financially - add us to your budget, support us through your foundation or endowment fund, or simply take a special offering. This is Ubuntu: "I am because of you."

Do you want to learn more? Let's chat or share a cup of coffee. 701.775.5581

Chad Brucklacher, Campus Pastor

Shera Nesheim, Campus Minister