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2022 Reunion

good news folk

We're making plans for a 2022 reunion for Good News Folk and Christus Rex Deacons. We'd love for you to come and join the celebration, see old friends, and give thanks to God for the ongoing vibrant ministry at Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Ministry.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements.

We NEED your updated contact information to send out invites!!

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Stay Connected on Facebook & Check out the Good News Folk Website, HERE. 

A little history....
The Good News Folk
was a folks singing group at the University of North Dakota. They were part of Christus Rex.

They led the singing with guitar and piano for church services. This was unique. Guitars and folk music had never been used in churches before.

Started in the fall of 1968, they traveled to churches in North Dakota and Minnesota, for a week in the spring. There were not many groups in the country similar to the Good News Folk. They published 3 records. These records sold $3.95 and they quickly sold 1,000 copies!